We have grown, grown in numbers
of sisters and brothers who recently said
I am You and you are Me and we are One.
Come then, let’s be One.
Let’s bury together the watery bones
of the#Balseros who lived and died in the Gulf
And come, hurry, hurry!
Help us free the men #helpusfreetheMen
Dying in their cells without
Sisters or Brothers.
You have hidden your faces,
For five decades plus,all your faces were gone,
While we sang praises to lessen
the agony of living outside of your #own
We have lend you the nails of our crosses
to mend your own agony,
Understanding #Solidarity.
We have grown now, we are One, you say
We have, for days now ,become many
and #alone is only a word, you say.
You were gone, you’ve been gone!
Come, let us be One, you say.
But our House has been empty
of the sound of your voices,
the sound that was recently heard,
when you hurt and you called us
“Your Sisters and Brothers”,
So you say that we are One…One.
I heard You say that? That we now “belong”?
That I am You and You are me
and We are One?
Come, vamos to #freeelsexto
and #freeAngel.
Let’s bury together
The Watery bones of
The Balseros who died in the Gulf,
And help us Free the Men, after all
For five decades we were singing
And cheering you on #amniistyfortheundocumented
We said…NOW! #nodeportations, we said.
But you’ve been gone…gone
My sisters my Brothers, you say.
Madre Mia, Madre,come!
You that for years were hiding the #BrothersandSisters
In the threads and the linen of your factory job
Oyeme decir that we are One!
They say that we are#One.


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